III. Basque Cup

Written by: Egoitz Campo

On Sunday, december 6, in the middle of the covid pandemic, we met 4 friends to play the third edition of the Basque Cup of Fuba in Derio (Basque Country).We played two rounds, semi-finals, 3rd and 4th position match and the big final. In the semifinals Egoitz was able to beat Oihane with a tight 1-0. In the other semifinal Aitor beat Alex 2-0. In the last round, Alex was third thanks to penalties. The final was also decided by penalties. After failures on both sides, Aitor beat him 4-3 on penalties and won the basque tournament

Next year we will get together again to play the IV. Basque Cup of Fuba and next time we will try to encourage more people and apply the updated rules.



Egoitz Campo 1-0 Oihane Laviña
Egoitz Campo 4-3-3 None yellow card.
Oihane Laviña 4-5-1 One yellow card

Aitor Armiño 2-0 Alex Martínez
Aitor Armiño 4-4-2 None yellow card.
Alex Martínez 4-3-3. None yellow card.

3º and 4º position match

Alex Martínez 0-0 Oihane Laviña (Alex won in penalties 3-1)
Alex Martínez 4-3-3 One yellow card.
Oihane Laviña 4-5-1 One yellow card


Aitor Armiño 0-0 Egoitz Campo (Aitor won in penalties 4-3)
Aitor Armiño 4-4-2 None yellow card.
Egoitz Campo 4-3-3. None yellow card.