Rulebook v. 3.0  The current version of the rulebook
Errata for 3.0 rulebook (1.1.2022)

Rulebook v. 4.0 (playtest version)
Quick play chart
A playtest version for simpler turn order and faster gameplay. Highly recommended.

Rulebook v. 2.2 (OLD)
Old version 2.2 rulebook

Rulebook v. 2.0 (OLD)
Old version 2.0 rulebook

Rulebook v. 2.0 FR (OLD)
French version of the 2.0 rulebook (Merci Christophe Vasseur!)

Other game aids

Bench & Condition points card
Use to record substitution players and number of the condition points. A print version for 1.0 version owners.