3rd version is here

3rd version of the rulebook is now published. You can download it here. The third edition is also available as a boxed version at www.upgames.fi.

The key updates to earlier version area:

  • Turn order simplified to three stages
  • Many small details simplified
  • Updated control check offers more tactical options. The current ball value has more effect for a new ball value after the control check. I.e. a good situation helps to build another good situation.
  • Actions streamlined
  • Players movements simplified, no sub-choices in a movement action.
  • More react moves (free moves) compared to 2nd edition.
  • Formation roles improved (even it feels upside down when reading the rules. Give a try and you will see).
  • New skills. Especially Italian players can now try to build their tactics around Regista, Il mediano or Mezzala.

One step again closer to the real football.