Some players use miniatures to play FUBA. The game is not available as a miniature version but here are some information to help you to create your FUBA game with 28 mm miniatures.

Gaming mat

A recommend pitch size for 28 mm is 160 cm x 100 cm. With 10 cm boundary area it makes 180 cm x 120 cm table size (common miniature gaming table size). In the link below you can download a graphic file to order your own pitch for example from Deep Cut Studio

FUBA 28 gaming mat 


There are several companies manufacturing football miniatures for 28 mm size.

Golden goal – Nice miniatures, different poses, some are bit fragile but each pack contains 11 field players so you will have one extra anyway

Eureka miniatures – Bit smaller than golden goal, so do not suitable to mix with Golden Goal miniatures. Maybe more closer to 20 mm than 28 mm.

Ainsty Casting – Football players and also hooligan miniatures. Great stuff to make some fans to support for your teams.