FUBA World Cup 2021

Photos of the FWC 2021 are available here.

The final results were:

Jari Kemppainen 10 points
Janne Niinivaara 10 points
Hannu Uusitalo 9 points
Aki Levonius 5…

Italian FUBA CUP

First Italian FUBA cup was organized in autumn 2021. A 16 players cup was played by using Vassal engine. After 31 games Enrico Acerbi lifted the trophy.

The organizer, Andrea Pavan,…

Janne Niinivaara’s game plan for FWC2021

FUBA World Cup 2021 is now over, unfortunately the turnout was somewhat limited due to pandemic and whatnot, and my personal success was meagre as well. But I thought I could share my plans for tournament – even if it is probably mistake to open up my…

IV Basque Cup

On Sunday, 28th of november four friends met to play the fourth edition of the Basque Cup of Fuba in Bilbao (Basque Country), in “Zona Cero” games store. We played two rounds, semi-finals, 3rd and 4th position match and the big final. In the semifinals Egoitz was…

3rd version is here

3rd version of the rulebook is now published. You can download it here. The third edition is also available as a boxed version at www.upgames.fi.

The key…


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