Italian FUBA CUP

First Italian FUBA cup was organized in autumn 2021. A 16 players cup was played by using Vassal engine. After 31 games Enrico Acerbi lifted the trophy.

The organizer, Andrea Pavan, commented the background of the event and future of Italian FUBA community:

Everything started during preparations of VenCon (Venice Convention Historical Simulation Games) on August 28th. We organized a table dedicated to FUBA with Subbuteo teams and it was a success. With the enthusiasm of some friends we decided to organize the Italian SNAFU CUP FUBA through the DISCORD SNAFU channel via Vassal. As many as 16 teams have signed up organized in groups of 4 teams, over 100 hours of games for 31 games in total. This time, thanks to the solid support of the participants, I decided to raise the stakes and try to structure a real FUBA ITALIA LEAGUE also open to international membership. In fact, we have 18 teams registered, 2 of which are Finnish and 1 English. We are waiting for you!

IV Basque Cup

On Sunday, 28th of november four friends met to play the fourth edition of the Basque Cup of Fuba in Bilbao (Basque Country), in “Zona Cero” games store. We played two rounds, semi-finals, 3rd and 4th position match and the big final. In the semifinals Egoitz was able to beat Jon Ander, 2-0. In the other semifinal Aitor Galda beat Imanol 3-1. In the last round, Imanol was third thanks to penalties. In the final Egoitz won 1-0 to Aitor in an equal game.

            Next year, in 2022, we will try to gather again to play the V. Basque Cup of Fuba and next time we will try to encourage more people.