Jari Kemppainen is the winner of 4th FUBA World Cup

Jari Kemppainen won 4th FUBA World Cup. He used 4-4-2 formation through the tournament. In the final he scored the winning goal (3-2) 90+3 min against Mika Mäkelä. The final game was a battle of two different tactics. Jari used 4-4-2 and played cautiously while Mika with 3-4-3 had one of the most aggressive playing style in the tournament.


4th FUBA World Cup will be organised 26th – 27th of August in Tampere, Finland. The event takes place in a local board game Cafe, Taverna. More information soon.


FUBA 2.0 rulebook PDF version now available

FUBA2_CoverFUBA 2.0 rulebook is finally available as a free PDF version. Two major changes after the latest draft are the pressing rule and the order of action stages. If you find out some mistakes or some rules are difficult to understand please send us feedback at We will publish updated version on May if required.



FUBA World Cup 2015 top three

After a thriller in the final match, Jaakko Uusitupa won the cup again after scoring a winning goal in extra time 120+2 min. Mikko Vasko from Germany (Karlsruhe) played an excellent tournament and gave a good challenge in the final match. Kimmo Ylinen improved his last year 4 th position and ended to the 3rd place after won against Aki Levonius in the match for 3rd place.

The top three players in FUBA World Cup 2015:

1. Jaakko Uusitupa (FIN)
2. Mikko Vasko (GER)
3. Kimmo Ylinen (FIN)

Full results will be published later.

See more pictures of the winners.

KiCKeT sponsors FUBA World Cup 2015

kicket-lpAs in the previous year, KiCKeT donates the prize for the winner of FUBA World Cup. The winner will be awarded a KiCKeT basic box.

Also we will play some KiCKet in the Kick Off event of the World Cup on Friday.

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