4th FUBA World Cup will be organised 26th – 27th of August in Tampere, Finland. The event takes place in a local board game Cafe, Taverna. More information soon.


FUBA 2.0 rulebook PDF version now available

FUBA2_CoverFUBA 2.0 rulebook is finally available as a free PDF version. Two major changes after the latest draft are the pressing rule and the order of action stages. If you find out some mistakes or some rules are difficult to understand please send us feedback at fuba@fubaboardgame.com. We will publish updated version on May if required.



FUBA World Cup 2015 top three

After a thriller in the final match, Jaakko Uusitupa won the cup again after scoring a winning goal in extra time 120+2 min. Mikko Vasko from Germany (Karlsruhe) played an excellent tournament and gave a good challenge in the final match. Kimmo Ylinen improved his last year 4 th position and ended to the 3rd place after won against Aki Levonius in the match for 3rd place.

The top three players in FUBA World Cup 2015:

1. Jaakko Uusitupa (FIN)
2. Mikko Vasko (GER)
3. Kimmo Ylinen (FIN)

Full results will be published later.

See more pictures of the winners.

Does this man retain the trophy on the weekend?

JUUThe defending champion, Jaakko Uusitupa, played last year an excellent World Cup and was unbeaten in every match. With 3-4-3 formation he also scored most goals in the event. In the semi-finals it was really close, when Jaakko played a draw against Kimmo Ylinen, whose play style was really aggressive. After the penalty shoot-out Jaakko managed to survive to the final where his three forwards were too much for Jari Kemppainen. The final result was 2 – 0 for Jaakko.

But how about this year? Jaakko has been away from the local sport bar’s gaming tables. Meanwhile Kimmo has played more than well in the friendly matches. Does Jaakko has some new tricks to show in the event or do we get new name to the trophy? FWC

Kimmo Ylinen has performed well in friendly matches

KYThree matches, three wins. Kimmo Ylinen seems to have learned the new rules well. He finished in the 4th place in the previous FUBA World cup with 4-2-4 formation. Now he has used same 4-2-4 formation in all three matches and managed 1-0, 1-0 and 2-0 wins. The careful defensive play combined to the highly aggressive pressing with 4 forwards has kept his own goal clear.

In the previous World Cup Kimmo lost in the semi-finals against the Cup winner, Jaakko Uusitupa in penalty shoot-out. The luck was not better in the game for the 3rd place, when Kimmo lost against Lauri Vanhapiha in a penalty shoot-out after 1-1 draw.