Clash of FUBA masters

Both of the top two players of the ranking are coming to Milan to take part for the 6th FUBA World Cup. Do these guys, Jari Kemppainen and Janne Niinivaara, meet in the final match? It would sure offer a very interested game, because they have totally different playing styles. Previously Jari and Janne have played only once against each others. That match was played in 4th FUBA World Cup and at least Janne can remember still that game very well. His aggressive playing style caused three red cards, but he still managed to get a draw!

Jari Kemppainen

Jari is a real FUBA veteran. He has taken part for each FUBA World Cup and has been playing the game since from the very first version. He has won the World Cup once, played in the final twice and once got thrid place. His playing style can be described as carefully and minimizing risks. Attacks are built slowly and carefully. In the last tournaments Jari has used mostly 4-4-2 formation. The player/team skills he usually uses are supporting this type of playing style, for example goal keeper skills, defence skills and high condition to increase the movement ability of the team.

Janne Niinivaara

Janne has joined FUBA tournaments much later than Jari and has far less ranking games than Jari. But even with less number of games he has managed to reach the second place in the ranking, because only once he has lost a ranking game (before a shoot-out). Janne’s playing style is totally different than Jari’s style. Janne has nearly always chosen 4-2-4 formation. Very aggressive playing style and spending condition points in early stage of the game are Janne’s trademarks. His team is probably most tired team after the match. With this playing style it is not a big surprise Janne has chosen very often the “wide player material” skill to get higher quality substitution players to replace tired players during a match.

FUBA World Cup 2019

FUBA World Cup 2019 will be held in Milan! The event will take place in UNA Hotel Scandinavia. More information available at the event page. It will be first time FUBA World Cup is organised outside of Finland. We have also scheduled Italy – Finland test match for Friday evening.

Rulebook update

2.1. rulebook has been updated according the feedback and comments sent. Here is the list of updates. Thank you for all players who sent the comments!

  • Chapter 1.4. and 1.5: description of the half way line and the goal line (required, because these terms are used in the rulebook)
  • Chapter 4: The game turn stage numbers are updated. No changes for the order of the stages.
  • Chapter 4.1.1: Errors in the text of the offside rules fixed.
  • Chapter 4.1.2: A new rule added. The purpose of the rule is to block safe-passes far areas if the situation in the start area is poor for the controlling team.
  • Chapter 4.1.3: The order of the ball value modifications is changed to improve the game balance and reality.
  • Chapter A long pass modifier will be ignored if the ball goes through an area where the controlling team has double number of the players compared to the passive team.  Applies only if the ball goes over one area (not for a longer passes). This increase the value of the centre circle area and offers more tactical options for the game.
  • Chapter 4.8.7: A goal keeper has now a free movement to return the penalty area from an adjacent area.
  • Chapter 4.8.8: Corrections for the dribbling text. No rule changes.
  • Chapter 4.10: If the pressing die equals the ball value, nothing happens (just minor update to increase the game balance)
  • Chapter 5.1: Free kick rule text errors fixed. Unnecessary rules removed.
  • A4: Injured player substitution clarified.
  • A8: The skill list updated according the World Cup skills.

Jari Kemppainen is the winner of 4th FUBA World Cup

Jari Kemppainen won 4th FUBA World Cup. He used 4-4-2 formation through the tournament. In the final he scored the winning goal (3-2) 90+3 min against Mika Mäkelä. The final game was a battle of two different tactics. Jari used 4-4-2 and played cautiously while Mika with 3-4-3 had one of the most aggressive playing style in the tournament.


4th FUBA World Cup will be organised 26th – 27th of August in Tampere, Finland. The event takes place in a local board game Cafe, Taverna. More information soon.