About FUBA

cropped-10612712_737515926327927_8678203279142298325_n.jpgFUBA boardgame is a tactical football simulation. This smart, fast-paced game takes on the world’s number one sport from a tactical view. In FUBA, you become the head coach and choose the strategy for your team. Control the midfield with 4-5-1? Use two forwards to secure the win with 4-4-2? The choice is yours.

The game board is divided to

thirteen different areas. Both teams have 10+1 players in the field like in real football. The game is played in turns, with an average of 23 turns per each half. Each turn represent events of 0 to 5 minutes time of a football match. The player controlling the ball chooses the action his team will go for, and then both players roll the dice to see the outcome. After this, both players move their team according to the tactics they have chosen. The moves do not simulate individual player movements, but the teams formations ability to team in the field.

The ball contains numbers from 1 to 6. The number in the ball varies during the match depending the situation in the area where the ball exists.  The number on the top shows how well the controlling team controls the ball. The lower the number, the better the ball control: 1 is excellent, 6 is poor.

You can read more about the rules at the rulebook. The World Cup is played with an improved rulebook, which will be published later as a new rulebook after there are enough feedback and comments.

To get an idea about the game you can also watch the World Cup 2014 final in the video below.